Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travention?

Travention is a transparent platform providing the first truly individual travel experience to travelers.

Why should you book with Travention?

Travention takes care of its customers through the complete travel experience and provides the tools to book a completely unique experience at the best prices possible. We guarantee full transparency and no hidden fees.

How does Travention generate profit?

It depends on how extensive your booked service will be, however the maximum of costs which we add on top will capped at USD 250 per person.

Not from the United States of America?

Not a Problem, because we are an online tour operator, it is possible to book from all over the world for trips currently within the United States. We welcome everyone to use our services, to have the chance to create experiences within the United States. Please make sure you have a valid Visa for the United States, check your local embassy beforehand for further information.

Do you plan on providing service outside of the United States?

As of the moment we are focusing only on the United States tours, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, but as Travention grows we plan to expand our product offerings.

How can I become part of the Travention Partner Network (TPN)?

If you have a business and would like to join the Travention Partner Network, we are more than welcome to provide further assistance. To join the network please register the business to the following email address: and we will get in touch with you.

What does the name Travention stand for?

Travention is a acronym consisting of our three key values. Travel, Event, Emotion. Travention will aim to fulfill these values every time you book your completely unique experience with us.

Who is your key audience?

With our Travention concept, we address groups, organizations and couples in the age of 25 to 44+, who live in the United States. Thanks to our sophisticated booking network, arrivals from any part of the USA are possible.

What if I travel alone?

We understand that sometimes you might travel alone. No problem, you can still book a trip with us because there are no additional costs. You still receive all the same prices and services and only pay your flat fee according to your booking.