Travel your way

Imagine a place where individual travel planning meets transparent pricing, where shared experiences are created and made possible by an almost limitless combination of travel elements according to your wishes.

Your journey

1. Discover

1. Discover

true individuality in one place.

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2. Invite

2. Invite

your travel companions to join in the planning process.

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3. Customize

3. Customize

and personalize your trip according to your wishes. 

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4. Experience

4. Experience

your personal journey.

Discover true individuality with a step by step platform which will allow you to create your own travel experience within minutes.

Combine any travel product from flights, accommodations, rentals and activities in one place.

Your experience

Plan together

Invite your travel companions

Invite your co-travelers to join and help customize your trip together online.

Share travel ideas via chat and give them individual power to plan own little getaways within the main itinerary.

 Step-by-step planning 

self-planning instead of random questionnaires 

Customize your journey by entering

  • the destination(s),

  • the number of travelers and

  • your travel dates.

Changes can be made at any time!

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Set your travel budget

Co-travelers can have different budgets.

Budget overview

Enter your budget (or budget range) that you want to use for the trip and keep it in view while planning thanks to an innovative solution.

Start route planner

Your itinerary is ready to be edited!


Example: Los Angeles -> Chicago

Transport between cities / places

Choose the way of transport for each route individually and see which stops you could make on the way to your destination.

Or just use your own car for the whole route or parts of it.

Plan your stay

Support local providers!

Accommodations nearby & Activities for unique experiences

After you have set your route, you can choose your accommodation and add  activities city by city to complete your experience by making your trip unique.

Example process

The planning process will run city by city.

Hotel in 

Santa Fe

Activities in 

Santa Fe

Hotel in Kansas City

Activities in Kansas City

Hotel in Chicago

Activities in Chicago

Check your plan

Is everything according to your wishes?

Get an overview of your planned trip

At the end of the planning you will get an overview of your trip. Here you have the opportunity to make changes and adapt your trip before booking.


In general, you can edit the individual steps at any time.

And finally ...

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Start your experience!

After booking your trip, you will receive a booklet in digital or paper form listing a complete timeline of the trip with all customizations, tips and info’s along the routes.

It is time to experience an unforgettable journey with your co-travelers!

24/7 customer service

If you need help, we provide you with an assistant that navigates you through our platform or you can call our 24/7 service hotline to be connected to a trained travel agent to provide you with guidance through our platform, receive hints for route planning or get tips for activities you can pick up along the way.