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Daily work (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Finance & Legal Department - between financial calculations and contracts

Co-owner Kevin Scarsella made a conscious decision to work in these areas as co-founder. His preference for numbers and complex processes are his motivation for daily business.

But what exactly is the finance and legal department of Travention? Which tasks are in focus and which changes are pending with regard to digitization, etc.?

We take a look behind the scenes:

1. How is your area of ​​responsibility composed?

Kevin: A precise area of responsibility is difficult to define as a founder. I took over the Finance and Legal Department within the Travention LLC, because financial strategies and commercial law best reflects my personal know-how. But in a young company it's important to continue training in all areas - you always learn something new.

2. What is currently on your to-do list?

Kevin: At the moment I'm expanding our finance strategy after the pandemic. I develop offers and inquiries as well as reflections of sales figures and booking interactions within the pree seed-seed phase of the Travention LLC. It's currently important for us to acquire new partners for our network.

3. How does your work affect Travention?

Kevin: My work happens in the background, that means I have a bigger impact within the Travention LLC, it's about the planning and implementation of contracts and legal regulations as well as internal financial structures of the company.

4. What do you particularly value in your future employees?

Kevin: I only ask my future employees to be persistent and ambitious. I think, that with these two strong character traits you can achieve anything. Of course, a degree in the subject area is preferred, but I think it's important to give and use opportunities in order to receive the full potential.

5. How do you regulate your work-life balance? What is your balance?

Kevin: It's always difficult to build a good work-life balance as an entrepreneur, but personally, I think I have found a good way. I structure my everyday life set: Myself, goals and deadlines. I finish my work day by following the deadlines to have enough time for my private life and my beloved wife.

6. Where does the trend go in the finance department and legal department?

Kevin: Of course, the main topic is digitalization. In the legal area, especially in the area of contract drafting notary certifications a very useful thing. Much more so, in the finance industry, it of course is useful for statistics that evaluate themselves but I think there's nothing like a good everyday financial plan.

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