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Daily work (Part 2)

Tourism and Sales Department – Between partner network and customer support

Co-owner Christopher Steiner is expanding his experience as a travel agent. His specialty is customer service.

As Head of Tourism and Sales, he has the opportunity to control and improve tourism concepts by developing his own strategies in order to see the company continue to grow.

You can now find out which topics occupy him most and how he deals with his new responsibilities:

1. How is your area of ​​responsibility composed?

Christopher: I took over the parts of Tourism and Sales meaning I am responsible for creating example tours for our customers such as the main product of individuality we will be selling. I can not talk too much about it because we currently need to make sure no one is able to pursue our concept before we are able to market it. Just be sure that traveling will change. It will be easy to plan, cheaper than all and 100% what you wish to have on your vacation, because this is what we stand for. INDIVIDUALITY. For real and not just hollow promises.

2. Which topics are your first priority at the moment?

Christopher: Currently I am working together with Kevin to contact and connect with all the providers who have survived the pandemic up until now. We are working on our TPN, the Travention Partner Network. The TPN is a collection of net prices of every provider. It does not matter what size your hotel, available seats, participant groups or vehicle fleet you have. Anyone can and should join. Why? Because all service providers within the TPN receive their full profit margin, they have calculated, there will be no shares with Travention or any third party providers. The only condition that Travention has, is that the price should be unbeatable by any other party and the payment of a one-time sovereignty contribution which maxes out at $250 USD. 

3. How far has your way of working changed as a result of being self-employed?

Christopher: Since I have never been self employed before or have had a position in higher management a lot of things have changed. Working as a self employed contracts a lot of responsibility which if dealt with alone can be nerve-wrecking.

Luckily I don't have to deal with it alone, even though we are small we help each other to strive for greatness.

My work life changed from doing as told to thinking what needs to be done and not just for todays or tomorrow's work it reaches way beyond that. Planning is a major key to success. Setting deadlines for myself and working hard to meet these is one of the hardest parts of all. For someone whose mind is all over the place at times it also helps to remind myself of the little things, step-by-step to get things done. Because the bigger the task the greater the risk of losing your motivation.

4. As a founder you have a lot on your mind: How do you regulate your work-life balance?

Christopher: With a little trick I have learned from Kevin. I set myself work times. I work from 11am till 5pm from monday till thursday and from 11am till 2pm on fridays, before and after that I will not participate actively in work. Outside of my office hours I work passively, rejuvenate myself and enjoy my free-time.

My office day itself I try to keep very structured so I actually get work done. The first hour is gathering current information within the tourism industry, checking out our possible competitors, travel restrictions or new innovations on the market. After that I dedicate my time to the TPN, Traventions online persona and topics that may have come up in my research hour.

Also a valuable tip I have gotten is: "Work if it flows, stop if it doesn't." Don't force yourself too hard because the result may not be your best work when it should. Take your time, take a break, if it won't come to you find another task and start to work on that.

5. How will you form the customer support of Travention?

Christopher: The customer support of Travention will be fully equipped to the needs of the customer. We will differ between a new customer and a customer that already travels with Travention. Both cases will include a 24/7 phone and web support for our customers.

The "new customer support" builds around our platform and it will be there for explanatory reasons. To explain how it is used and what possibilities there are to plan vacations. Additionally our employees will be able to provide advisory service to optimize the vacation you have already planned and may be able to give you a new option or an event you may have not thought about up until that point.

The "main customer support" will build around problems that may occur while or after traveling. Typical things like lost hotel room keys, accidents, missed flights or anything else. Our service team will be the link between parties so there is little to no stress during the travel. The customer support will also be there to make last minute changes to the itinerary, if a sufficient time period lies between the contact and execution date.

6. How will the current travel trends for 2021 affect the start of Travention?

Christopher: Travel trends for 2021 are going to be mostly domestic, people within the United States traveling the United States. This is where Travention will pick up on the market, we are not designed for international travel, however we still can be used to do so. But first and foremost we are here for the Americans. Americans like we are, people who have families scattered throughout the United States. We want to connect families, friends, partners, businesses when everything is possible again. We have suffered from a year of homesickness, not being able to travel back to the country where we belong and we know we are not the only ones that have shared this experience.

Starting 2021, Travention will provide the connection for everyone to experience life with family and friends!  

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