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Daily work (Part 3)

Marketing & Communication Department - between market analysis and public appearance

Co-owner Jacqueline Scarsella pursues a market-oriented strategy by analyzing and realizing the needs of customers and stakeholders.

How the marketing and communication department of Travention is structured and what represents the greatest challenges in internal and external communication, we will tell you now:

1. Which tasks and topics does your department deal with?

Jacqueline: The Marketing and Communication department covers a wide range of tasks. Everything that is communicated by the company to the employees or to the public ends up in my department beforehand. I would call it the company's central communication control. Basically there are the following major areas: advertising, online marketing, trade fairs and events, brand management, marketing controlling, internal communication, employer branding, market research and competition monitoring and, last but not least, public relations and press work. I am currently working on the public appearance of our Travention Partner Network (TPN), which includes the network flyer, the creation of an explanatory video and the development of a strategy for how the elements are placed in public in order to address future partners.

2. Which sub-areas require your greatest attention, especially at the beginning?

Jacqueline: Travention is currently in the pre-seed phase. This means that the department of ​​marketing and communication will focus mainly on brand building in the areas of brand management and employer branding, as well as public relations in order to increase our reach and present our services to the public. Of course, interaction between all areas are important, but the focus changes from phase to phase and that's a good thing.

3. The results of your work are visible to the public. What are the challenges?

Jacqueline: As a startup, the first impression counts. It is also important to keep in mind that a startup is still developing and growing compared to already branded companies, which means that not everything will go as planned at the beginning. It is a great challenge to establish and assert yourself as a startup in the market. In addition, few employees have to do a lot in order to present Travention to the public and make relevant content available to future customers and partners (via social media or the info website). My work is visible to the public and I appreciate that very much, because it gives me direct feedback and I can use analytics and surveys to filter and control relevant topics and interests.

4. How do you regulate your work-life balance?

Jacqueline: A healthy work-life balance is essential for the productivity and motivation of every founder. You put a lot of time and energy into your own project right from the start, but if you take on too much in a short time and you don't achieve your goals as planned due to physical exhaustion and high psychological pressure, your own motivation suffers. I am a person who wants to do my job perfectly and puts myself under pressure to do this. Since everything didn't always go according to plan, I built up even more pressure and blocked and demotivated myself.

If you want to work creatively, you should withdraw from everyday stress from time to time and take a deep breath. Breaks are inevitable and good time management is essential for productive work. I have set myself fixed working hours because there is no point sitting 5 hours in front of a problem because you really want to solve it.

If you don't make progress on a project, it's better to take a step back and clear your mind. The time gained can also be used sensibly for other daily tasks. You can enjoy your free time after each working day and don't necessarily have to turn night into day.

5. What do you say: What demands will customers have of a travel company in 2021? Will there be a difference to the last few years?

Jacqueline: With Covid-19, consumers will place more value on safety when traveling in the future, i.e. Travel insurance will be a key factor in booking a trip. In addition, established hygiene rules will play a very important role. Apart from security, I see the following trend: Individual trips are increasing and on this basis travelers will place more emphasis on their own wishes and their implementation when planning travels in 2021. Due to the restrictions in 2020, the need increases that everything goes according to plan and to the fullest satisfaction for the next trips. Travelers want to book a perfect travel experience with no restrictions. Restrictions in this case would be limits to vacation planning, which the tour operator sets based on existing contracts and partnerships. With the all-in-one solution of Travention, travelers can enjoy their vacation according to their wishes.

6. Advertising in particular is changing and new trends are emerging. How will advertising look like in the future?

Jacqueline: Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) will shape the future of advertising. They let users immerse themselves in the digital world and help companies to better understand their customers and to advertise in a more targeted manner. Transparency, personalization and user interaction options are central factors for successful advertising measures in the future. Companies will focus more on the customer journey. A personal connection to the customer should be established with authenticity and social responsibility. This can be achieved by revealing a lot about yourself, introducing the team behind it and giving the user the opportunity to participate or make decisions.

The basis for successful marketing is the relevance of the content! If a user sees no added value, he loses interest in the product or service.

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