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As everybody knows, the Covid-19 pandemic had effect on the entire tourism industry worldwide. These next years to come will not be easy for everyone within this sector and especially not for start-ups. It is important not to lose hope and even if some people out there do not believe in the virus, we still need your help as well. Selfish behavior like not wearing a mask or protests against regulations without keeping others in mind makes this time period even longer than it actually needs to be.

Forecast: Domestic Travel

For 2021, we see a great growth in the inbound tourism, so this is where Travention comes in. Giving Americans the opportunity to explore the United States of America. We believe that after this time of depression, life will receive a new meaning for a lot of Americans out there. Living it to full extent, exploring places never seen before. Gathering experiences with family, friends and loved ones becomes also more important than it ever was. People now are starting to appreciate the time that we have and are more so willing to use it wisely.

[source: U.S. Travel Association]

Travel post-COVID-19 trends

We've compiled a post-pandemic travel list based on research and trend reports:

  1. Family vacation: Multi-generational trips will become more important.

  2. Road trips: The trip itself will become the vacation.

  3. Stays at private rental properties instead of crowded hotels and resorts

  4. Long-term travel: "47% of travelers worldwide are already planning long-term vacations or early retirement plans."[source:]

  5. More of nature: escaping Social-distancing in crowd-free places

  6. Hygiene comes first: Travelers pay more attention to the hygiene measures of the accommodations and new regulations will be made.

  7. Personal travel advisors: Increasing demand for a more personal consultation on travel planning

"Apart from close to home road trips, people seem willing to consider booking vacations that normally require a year or more of advanced planning."

- Erika Richter (Senior Communications Director, American Society of Travel Advisors)

The Covid-19 restart solution

Once the Pandemic is over, the travel market will slowly resurrect from the situation. Strong brands need hard work to maintain their customer base and small brands, if they have survived the crisis, need help getting back on track. Travention will support both by having a portfolio of small and strong brand the customers can choose from. Any brand will be put to the test by us and if met with all the requirements be supported with customers. The customers will have the security of Travention before, during and after the trip, with a trained 24/7 phone/web support team, to receive the optimal solutions for any problem.

Because of our program, service providers do not have to raise or lower their prices, because they benefit from the full profit margin, they have calculated. As we pass along the negotiated price to the customer we top the price with a Travention service charge and provide full service for our mutual customers.

Outlook with Travention

We are at a time when innovative solutions have to be developed to enable future travel. Of course, it won't be like it was before. Therefore it is all the more important to establish "the new normal" as a future perspective. We cannot predict the future, but we can work towards a "new travel" based on trend forecasts.

A solution for both sides is important. The focus must be on customer confidence in the tourism industry and the economic strengthening of providers.

Our solution combines this as follows:

For customers:

  • A digital travel platform simplifies the planning and booking of trips and offers customers an individual travel experience

  • Personal support is provided: Travel advisors in the form of a 24/7 customer service respond to individual customer requests and accompany them throughout the entire process

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For providers:

  • One time payment as an invest: To become part of the Travention Partner Network, Travention takes a sovereignty contribution according to the RSPF Size of the service provider.

  • Travention waives the payments of commissions: By entering into the Travention Partner Network (TPN), the service provider is given the right to keep 100% of their profit margin and does not have to share it with 3rd parties.

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We hope for a start in January 2021, having our first customers able to travel by February 2021. Although traveling will definitely not be the same. For example: Wearing masks in the airplane or even having to book certain tours in far advance to even have the opportunity to attend them.

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