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How we met Cologne

We have founded Travention at the end of last year after our road trip together. After the conception of our idea, we found an IT partner who is currently developing our platform for us.

A virus makes

the world stand still

After a few appointments and another 3 months in which we have further refined our concept, we received the news about a virus that is spreading worldwide.

Corona also hit the US particularly hard, so that in order to contain the spread, the borders were closed.

Since we had already given up our jobs and apartments, we had to make an effort to stay temporarily and continue to work from home.


Next Steps

June: We found an apartment in Cologne, where we will stay at least till the end of this year.

July: Various easing measures allow entry, but a start is not profitable due to travel restrictions.

The existing risk of contagion, as well as the political situation in the USA, were the main factor in our decision to remain in Germany for the time being.


Why Cologne?

Here in Cologne, we are working primarily on our online presence and are expanding our partner network until our launch in 2021. Currently we are drawing up strategies and plans which we are discussing for further steps.

Now you have an overview of our current situation and we will continue to give you updates on Travention and the team.

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