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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

An interview with the Travention team.

"Travention doesn't tell you how to travel, it will give you inspiration that makes planning easier." - The Owners 

We answer 10 questions for you:

1. At what point did it become clear to you that you would start your own business?

Kevin: "From the moment I realized that something had to be done that no one else dared."

2. How did the idea become a concept? How long did it take you?

Kevin: "There are many problems and many things to consider if you want to create something unique. We defined the concept in months of intensive work, but we learn new things every day."

3. In which (startup) phase are you currently?

Jacqueline: "Currently Travention is in the pre-seed-phase, which means that we’re currently working on both, the refinement of our business model and the expansion of our partner network. In addition to the development of our platform, the network is crucial for the transition to the seed-phase. In the seed-phase, detailed adjustments and the expansion of marketing and sales follow."

4. Not everyone is ready to take the step into self-employment. What motivated you to do this?

Jacqueline: "First of all, we reviewed our own journey and agreed that some aspect of travel planning could be made easier. This resulted in the idea that forms the basis of Travention. The motivation for self-employment came with the further development of our idea to a concept. We created the basis that motivated us to stick with it and that above all strengthened us as a team. One of the main deciding factors of our self-employment was the team, which harmonizes perfectly and complements each other excellently at work. It’s very nice to create something of your own and keep it growing."

5. How did your immediate environment react to your decision?

Christopher: "I have dealt with my fair share of skepticism from family and friends. Here in Germany people long for security and not a lot of people take risks. So becoming self-employed in this environment can be harsh and hard to deal with. But after explaining the concept, our work and our goals to everybody we have gained strong supporting followers of Travention."

6. What effects / consequences does the Covid-19 pandemic have on Travention and the launch of the platform?

Christopher: "The pandemic of course effected everybody. Travention was not able to join the market as planned in June 2020 so our current start has moved to January 2021. The good thing about it is, that the pandemic does not have any financial or personnel effects on Travention. However we can't say the same for our future partners. Currently we do not know which service providers will be able to survive the pandemic and under what type of circumstances they will have to uphold their workforce. This is where the Travention Network will come in. Our Partners will keep their full profit margin and will not pay us a percentage of every room/seat/service booked."

7. How do you generally deal with crisis situations?

Jacqueline: "Crises are a major challenge for every company and especially for startups. Particulary at the beginning it’s important to maintain motivation and not let minor setbacks get you down. A good basis and a strong team help startups to overcome crises and move on. We were directly tested with a global crisis and Travention survived well so far. Our luck was that we had not yet entered the market, so our financial loss is limited. With our focus on domestic travel, we rely on the current travel trend that has developed through Covid-19. I’m sure that Travention will bring change in the travel market with innovative solutions during this time."

8. What is your schedule? What are the next steps?

Christopher: "We are building our network till the end of the year, making partnerships and spreading the word about Travention. Starting 2021, as soon as the Pandemic is mostly averted we will move to our Headquarters in San Antonio Texas. We will by then start our hiring period because we will need a lot of employees in a short time. Starting February 2021, according everything goes as planned we will have our first grand tour. Testing Hotels and Activities along the way. Providing deals and partnerships such as exclusive network entrees to the Travention Network."

9. What is your daily work like?

Kevin: "The working day is as individual as our start-up. It's always exciting to see how our company is developing and to face new challenges every day. Every of our departments have their expertise and despite everything we help each other with all questions. It's just fun to do something and realize your own idea."

10. And finally: Where do you see Travention in 3 years?

Christopher: "Travention is bound to be a successful global player, not in three years but we will get there, inbound travels, within the United States will be our main market. Being distributed online makes it easy for everyone to use our service. It will be self-explanatory and if there will be any problems, a schooled 24/7 service team which will navigate you through the platform or problem you are experiencing.

So in three years I see Travention as crucial part of the tourism industry and the American market, a new way of traveling and the beginning of a company destined to be great."

Kevin: "I am very optimistic about the future of Travention. We really have a lot of potential with our idea, in how far or how fast we will grow in the 3 years is difficult to say. In general, however, opening up to the american market is our top priority. Establishing our brand and constantly promoting new innovations is definitely one of the future visions of Travention."

Jacqueline: "After successfully entering the market in 2021, we’ll use our existing network and marketing campaigns to position Travention on the market and to assert our company against competitors. Travention will be established on the American Tourism market in 3 years."

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