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The difference

What sets Travention apart from other

tour operators?

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What makes us unique!


  1. ONE search engine combining flights, hotels, rentals and activities across the United States

  2. Interactive planning with travel companions (on our platform)

  3. Transparent prices directly from the provider

  4. A maximum service charge of 250 USD per person

  5. Limitless combination of all travel aspects

  6. True individuality

Other tour operators


  1. Selected travel aspects (because of certain providers)

  2. Package travel offers, building block principle (with given routes and day trips) or on request by answering questions (offer completed by the travel agent)

  3. Demand commissions from the providers

  4. Additional costs which are added to the travel price as a percentage at the end

  5. Selection of combination (limitation by binding partnerships)

  6. Partly individuality, partly ready-made travel packages

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 Why true individuality?   

When we say truly individual we talk about traveling without given boundaries. Traveling is a limitless experience only limited by the amount of money that the traveler intends to spend. We make it possible for our travelers to plan their trip according to their wishes, giving them a cost overview at all times.

This, however, is not the only reason why Travention is truly individual. We don’t make and take no contract shackles, don’t take commissions and cannot be bought for better rankings or ratings.

We stand for a fair market with equal opportunities for everyone, to ensure this, we have created the Travention Partner Network (TPN).

This is the difference the Travention platform will make and this is true individuality which should be made available to every traveler these days.