The platform

Imagine a place where individual travel planning meets transparent pricing, where shared experiences are created and made possible by an almost limitless combination of travel elements according to your wishes.

How does it work?

Our platform provides tools through which the customer can plan the preferred type of travel, as well as suitable accommodations and activities to the desired destination at the selected travel time.


The Planning process takes place online via a few steps and will be shown in an overview at the end. In order to ensure the individuality of the planning, the customer has the option of returning to the individual steps in order to be able to make changes to the respective position if necessary. May it be changing the rental vehicle, adding a new city or activity and / or changing the travel time. We have no limits.

The booking of the finished trip follows the planning directly via the system.

With a registration on our platform, created travel plans can be saved via your own account and adjusted up to 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

Our 24-hour customer service is at your side to support you with travel planning and booking, as well as the duration of the entire trip and any questions you may have afterwards.

It's your choice

Combine all or just take a few












Luxury vehicles







our platform

Travention will provide an easy to use, step by step platform which will allow you to create your own travel experience within minutes.

Combine any travel product from flights, accommodations, rentals and activities. If you need help navigating through the platform our 24 hour support will gladly help.

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your trip

Take your time and personalize your trip according to your wishes.

No trip will be alike and all of them will be 100% YOURS. Experience the true individuality Travention will offer you for your family vacay, weekend getaway, business trip or road trip with your loved ones. And the best part: Invite your co-travelers to join and help customize it.

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real individuality

No strings attached. You will get the vacation that you want, because you have paid for it.

So why settle for less? Travention takes all your wishes seriously and will do the most to fulfill them to your full desires. No wish is to big, nor to small if its possible we will make it happen for you.