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The team

We are the 3 founders of Travention.

A part of it instead of just taking it! 

 Our roadtrip has shown us how valuable it is to make your own trip an experience. The difference from another holiday package to an individual trip where you not only be a part of planning but also become creative yourself, are the impressions and experiences that will remain forever. 


The Travention story begins with our personal vacation we have taken across the United States back in September 2019. Since it was our first time traveling to the United States outside of visiting the family, we have decided to take a classic road trip. 

Starting from New Orleans, via San Antonio, over Phoenix all the way to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and back! All within 2 ½ weeks of time to execute. We have had an amazing time and enjoyed every single bit from planning the vacation to actually taking it.


New Orleans, LA

San Antonio, TX

Phoenix, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Las Vegas, NV

While planning, however, we have discovered to get the best deals, you have a lot of time wasted on trying to find them. This is where we will put a stop to it. The Travention Platform will be the first ever planning and booking tool, to make your vacation planning as easy as possible. Simple step by step instructions and friendly navigation throughout the website will make all of your wishes come true. Plan it alone or make it a group project; individuality has no limits!

But who are the people behind Travention?

Kevin Scarsella von Haag


Head of Finance

and Legal Department

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Facts about Kevin


 His strengths: Presentation

and assertiveness

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • certified event manager

  • experienced in leading positions

  • strong social skills benefit him in exchanging ideas and negotiating with others


Motto: "There are many good ideas of humanity, it often lacks only the power to implement them."

Jacqueline Scarsella


Head of Marketing and 


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Facts about Jacqueline


Her strengths: Strategy

and creativity


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • competencies in market research

  • practical experience in project development and the implementation of marketing measures

  • structured and fair


Motto: "Stand by your wishes

and put them into action."

Christopher Steiner


Head of Tourism

and Sales

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Facts about Christopher


His strengths: Communication

and customer orientation


  • trained travel agent and years of professional experience in a travel agency

  • valuable contacts in the travel tourism industry

  • open and self-confident nature 


Motto: "It's when pure emotions collide, that moments become memories and milestones."

Would you like to become part of the team and work in a fast-growing startup? We are looking forward to your application.

Current positions are advertised here.


Alternatively, you can send your complete application documents via an unsolicited application to

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