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The Travention Partner Network (TPN)

Join the network and be part of the change

The Solution for fair tourism

The Travention Partner Network or short TPN promotes the cooperation of tourism individuals such as hotels, car rental providers, air service providers and activity & event providers. The concept is to offer the customer a favorable variety of different service providers. To be able to offer all sorts of categories from 1-2 star motels to 5 star luxury resorts, such as apartments and more on one platform and to enable the customer a truly individual travel arrangement.

Image by Guilherme Garcia
Image by Alexander Kaunas

You don't want to pay high commissions to tour operators and work with unfair partners. 


Why not choose a honest partner with whom you can grow together?


Travention offers you an innovative solution after the crisis. We'll show you what we can achieve together:

Image by Dino Reichmuth

The TPN is open for partners out of: 

  • airlines

  • private jets

  • helicopter services

  • etc.

  • hotels

  • holiday homes

  • B&Bs

  • etc.

  • cars

  • campers

  • RVs

  • scooters

  • boats, yachts

  • etc.

  • tour providers

  • experience providers

  • brewery tours

  • etc.


Any restaurant / bar with special seating or dining options

What are your benefits? 

As a partner of Travention you have the following benefits:

  • A simple booking process which is ensured by Travention, simple and safe payment methods, growing booking numbers, as well as recurring regular customers.

  • Honest feedback and sustainable growth

  • By entering into the Travention Partner Network, the service provider is able to keep 100% of their profit margin and does not have to share it with Travention, as Travention waives the payments of commissions. 

  • Direct 24/7 contact in case of problems with consumers

  • Networking events on a regular basis

  • Marked as a Travention partner*

Geschäfts Einleitung 1

*Being marked as a Travention partner also as the advantage to be displayed above none-partners. However the display will be fair and cannot be bought due to an algorithm that will display any search results in random orders.

The Travention Partnership Investment

The Travention Partnership Investment (TPI) is a one-time payment to join the Travention Partner Network (TPN). The amount of the one-time investment is according to the volume of the turnover of the disaster year 2020.

Turnover per year

One-time investment

Turnover per year

One-time investment


The investment for the Travention Partner Network is a one-time payment.

No monthly costs or hidden contractual clauses.

Why we use 2020 to measure your turnover?

Because the TPN is here to help relieve the financial burden that has been put on by businesses by the current pandemic.
We actually have intended to make the admission to the network free, because we are not in it for the money and help/relieve should not be paid for in such hard times. We care for happy travelers and happy business partners to ensure a one-of-a-kind service, that is exceptional in every possible way. However, after receiving first feedback as in “To good to be true”, we have worked on a fair way of offering our solution, hence the 2020 turnover.


Because we cannot completely go against everything what the tourism industry stands for, we have had to implement agency fees like everybody else. Please see the chart below for details.

Agency Fees_wix.jpg

We have showed you the potential and benefits of the network, so now we ask you to join the TPN with your business to start a successful future in the tourism industry together with Travention.

Kollegen arbeiten zusammen

What we can achieve together: 

Travention will connect customers and service providers on a more talkative stage on a 24/7 basis. If any disruptions occur customers and service providers are able to call their personal Travention hotline to report their concerns. Travention will serve as a mediator and works towards a fast and for all the parties involved best solution. Of course free of charge.

By working together with Travention you are part of a major shift in the tourism industry. Giving your work more appreciation in exchange for a fair pricing towards our common customers. 

Together we prevent exploitation within the tourism industry at the source. As a first tour operator really thinking about the people we work with, being all the service providers, that are providing all the activities we love doing on vacation and all of our customers. Being completely transparent towards both sides is what makes us unique.

As a “First-Mover” in this direction, we know it will not be easy and we wont establish quickly. Which is why we want strong partners by our side, that believe in the change that can happen for the better of the complete tourism industry. We are starting small but we see the greatness bound to happen, do you?


You want to join the network?

To sign up to the TPN is simple: You send an email to or fill out the contact form below with the following information:

  • Name of your establishment

  • Location: State, City

  • Your turnover of 2020

  • short description of the purpose of your establishment

Our team will review the given information and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you send a direct email please include the subject: TPN-Partnership proposal for faster and easier service. 

Please note that we will handle all given information with care!

As a company, we ensure that we delete all of personal information collected from our providers if there is no further interest.


Thank you for your message!

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